12 XII 2018

I would like to invite you to purchase Polish Cards 2019 Almanac – the new edition of the Polish compendium about the card market, new payments methods and the most important persons involved in the card and payment market in Poland. The Almanac is bilingual: Polish and English.



On nearly 400 pages you will find:

up-to-date information about:

  • more than 120 companies, banks and institutions acting on the Polish card market – contact details, information about management boards, basic scope of activity, certificates, awards etc.
  • more than 200 persons who actively work in this industry, constituting the card market in Poland and who represent card departments in banks, IT companies, financial institutions etc.

Card reference book:  articles on important and critical topics:

  • Tokenisation: New opportunities, increased security – source Visa
  • What is the future of e-commerce? – source Visa
  • FinTech – Big Tech – Challenges for Banks? – Włodzimierz Szpringer
  • Directions of the development of the payment service market in the perspective of the year 2020 – Krzysztof Maciejewski
  • Cashless Poland Foundation – the essential element of the Polish payment system – Mieczysław Groszek
  • Activities of Poczta Polska S.A. supporting the development of cashless transactions – Artur Więckowski
  • First Data Future Laboratory: Evolution or Revolution? –  Jolanta Rycerz
  • Payment technologies 2020+ – perspective for Polish consumerMałgorzata Szczepanek, Konrad Siwiński
  • Why is it important to offer many payment methods in an online store? – Katarzyna Czuchaj-Łagód
  • Goodie platform – expert in advantageous shopping – Wojciech Grudzień
  • Diners Club Polska: Prestigious cards with an attractive additional benefits’ package – Marta Gajewska
  • E-payments as integral part of factoring products for SME sector – Michał Pawlik
  • Modern technologies in the service of local governments –
  • Collecting surcharge basing on amended regulations in the Act on Payment Services that implement PSD2- Jan Byrski,  Maciej Miąsko
  • GDPR! What to consider when selecting the grounds for personal data processing in modern financial transactions? – – Witold Chomiczewski
  • Cloud of Trust – easy to use electronic signatures – Michał Tabor
  • 50 years of the Faculty of Economic Science and Management NCU
  • Payment cards market in Poland in 2013-2018 – statistical data


The Almanac’s main sponsor is Visa.



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