12 XII 2017

Polish Cards Almanac 2017 – Polish Card and New Payment  Industry and Market Almanac

Information and Order of the Almanac:  www.cardsalmanach.eu

I would like to invite you to purchase Polish Cards 2017 Almanac – the new edition of the Polish compendium about the card market, new payments methods and the most important persons involved in the card and payment market in Poland. The Almanac is bilingual: Polish and English.

Only 20  EUR/ piece + shipping cost.


On 400 pages you will find:

up-to-date information about:

  • 150 companies, banks and institutions acting on the Polish card market – contact details, information about management boards, basic scope of activity, certificates, awards etc.
  • 200 persons who actively work in this industry, constituting the card market in Poland and who represent card departments in banks, IT companies, financial institutions etc.

Card reference book:

15 articles on important and critical topics:

  • Visa mobile payments – Maciej Maciejewski
  • We won’t go very far without understanding consumer needs. What can convince a client to use new forms of cashless payments?-  Małgorzata Szczepanek, Konrad Siwiński
  • A hazy vision of a cashless society – Michał Kisiel
  • Few words on FinTech – Łukasz Piechowiak
  • Car-based commerce – Jean-Noël Georges
  • When do payment terminals disappear? – Cezary Kosiński
  • European revolution in personal data protection will not omit card systems – a great countdown has started – Marta Kwiatkowska-Cylke
  • NIS Directive – new duties of entrepreneurs within the extent of cybersecurity – Paweł Gruszecki
  • e-Government in the West European Countries and in Poland (a Comparative Analysis)    – Łukasz Kryśkiewicz
  • Execution of electronic transactions based on the banking e-identity– Michał Tabor
  • Standardization in modern technologies related to card systems, electronic signature and trust services– Jolanta Dusza
  • Education as a foundation of the financial system’s stability – Renata Pawlicka
  • First nationwide consumer lottery organized by the Foundation for the Development of Non-cash Payments – Robert Łaniewski
  • ATMs and bank cards in PKO BP – the first five pioneer years (1991-1995) – Krzysztof Leszczyński
  • „Payment card market in Poland in 2011-2016 – statistical data”


The Almanac’s main sponsor is Visa.




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